Federal Board Papers for SSC-1 &2, HSSC-1&2

On this site you can find all federal board papers including FBISE Past Papers, FBISE Model Papers, FBISE SLO Papers in pdf form!

Because one of the great ways by which you can test your skills, familiarize yourself with exam patterns and focus on key topics is solving past papers. Here I have provided you with all the Federal board old papers and Federal board model papers for the Federal Board Islamabad Examination.

Federal Board SLO Past Papers

9th Class SLO Model Papers

10th class SLO Model Papers

11th class SLO Model Papers

12th class SLO Model Papers

Federal Board Past Papers

In this section you can find FBISE Past papers. Federal Board Past Papers for 9th class, Federal Board Past Papers for 10th class, Federal Board Past papers for 11th class and federal board past papers for 12th class.

These past papers are also known as old papers so you can find here Old papers for SSC and old papers for HSSC from here.

Federal Board SLO Past Paper

Here I have given you specifically the Federal Board SLO past paper. SLO past papers are the latest year 2023 and 2024. As Federal Board started taking SLO (Student learning outcomes) only from the year 2022 and 2023 so these two years are SLO based.

Here you can find SSC and HSSC SLO past paper.

Federal Board SLO Model Papers

Here you can find the latest HSSC SLO model Papers and SSC SLO model Papers for . These model papers based on SLO on essential for every student to take a look at before sitting in their federal board examinations. You can find the SLO model paper for year 2024 from below.

You can download 9th SLO model papers, 10th SLO Model Papers, 11th SLO Model Papers and 12th SLO model papers.

Don’t hesitate and practice SSC Model Papers and HSSC Model papers now!

There is huge potential benefit of solving FBISE past papers, Model Papers, SLO Based Past Questions. You can ask your seniors who have already passed Federal Board exams and they will all give you the same advice that is, “Solving federal board papers give you adequate practice and expertise in order to ace your exams!”

Do take time out to give a thorough read to Federal Board Model papers, SLO Based Examination and Past papers, practical model papers in order to have a thorough understanding about what will be you tested upon in your Federal Board examination.

Federal Board Islamabad

Short form for Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad is FBISE.
Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Examination Islamabad conducts SSC and HSC exams every year. It is the board of intermediate education and Secondary in:

  • Islamabad           
  • Cantonments and Garrisons across Pakistan.
  • Gilgit Baltistan.
  • Federally Administered Tribal Areas.
  • Pakistan International Schools outside Pakistan.

Federal Board takes examination for HSSC students and SSC students every year.
HSSC stands for Higher Secondary School Certificate and SSC stands for Secondary School Certificate.
Every year it takes two examination 1st annual Examination and 2nd Annual Examination.

SSC 1st Annual ExaminationStarts from March
SSC 2nd Annual ExaminationStarts from September
HSSC 1st Annual ExaminationStarts from April
HSSC 2nd Annual ExaminationStarts from October

Federal Board issues date sheet one month before the Exams.

General facts about FBISE Islamabad

Year Established 1975
FBISE official Websitewww.fbise.edu.pk
ChairmanMr. Qaisar Alam
Email[email protected]
P.O. BOX NO1365
Number of Affiliated Institutions2,877

FBISE Solved Past Papers and Notes

On this site you can find all Old papers of SSC part 1 and 2 plus HSSC part 1 and 2! We are working hard to provide you with past papers of as many years as possible!

We’ll be also including Model papers for Federal Board and all subjects notes including.

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Urdu
  • Computer Science

We’ll also be sharing FBISE solved past papers! In order to make the exam journey easier for students!

Federal Board Papers

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