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Latest FBISE Grading system! Helpful or not?

 In this article I’m going to share with you all about latest FBISE Grading system!

Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training; it is an ISO-certified authority using best practices and quality to improve the educational system. 

 Hence, FBISE has taken a new initiative, which you will become familiar with after going through this article, to improve the quality of education and eliminate race for marks among students, parents, and institutions. I have covered those beneficial points for those unaware of the new grading patterns.

FBISE Grading System Notification 25th January 2023 :

 It is notified for the information of all concerned that FBISE will communicate in a phased manner the results of SSC and HSSC levels in the grading system instead of absolute marks to stop the culture of race of marks. In this regard, it has been decided that the grades for 9th and 11th will be implemented from the annual examinations in 2023 and for classes 10th and 12th in 2024.

Initially, the results will be communicated by mentioning absolute marks, GPA (Grade point average ), and grades. Subsequently, the Annual Examination 2025 results will be displayed only in grades, GPA, and CGPA (cumulative grade point average ).

What is in the new grading system :

 According to this system, the marksheets of students will not contain their marks obtained from the total but will include GPA, CGPA, and grades.

  •  It is implemented in 3 phased manner ;
  •  PHASE 1 In the annual Examinations of 2023, the results for 9th and 11th will be communicated by absolute marks, grades, and GPA.
  •  PHASE 2 In 2024, the annual examination results for 10th and 12th will be communicated only by Grade, GPA, and CGPA.
  •  PHASE 3 From 2025, the annual results all around the boards under the supervision of FBISE will implement an internationally accepted method of obtaining results via GPA and CGPA.


Alphabeticall Grade Percentage Description GPA (out of 5 for each subject and total)
A++95 to 100 %Exceptional 5.0
A+90 to 94 %Outstanding 4.7
A85 to 89 %Excellent 4.3
B++80 to 84 %Very good 4.0
B+75 to 79 %Good 3.7
B70 to 74 %Fairly good 3.3
C60 to 69%Above average 3.0
D50 to 59 Average 2.0
E40 to 49 %Below average 1.0
UBelow 39 %Unsatisfactory 0

HOW the new grading system is different from the old one :

FBISE Grading
  1. The old grading system contains seven grading points viz (A-1, A, B, C, D, E, F ) while the new system includes ten grading points viz (A++, A+, A, B++, B+, B, C, D, E, U).
  2.  F grade is replaced by U grade.
  3.  Passing marks criteria has increased to 40 % from the previous 33%. 
  4.  The new grading system is a more reliable way to check the students’ ability to learn, unlike the old system, where students’ ability depended on memorizing the stuff.

There is little effect on universities’ selection criteria; only they have to change their selection based on students’ CGPA.

WILL the new grading system be helpful for us :

According to the notification, the new system was implemented to improve the learning ability. Still, it is the only requirement to do so.

  Learning not merely depends on the way of grading systems of boards, but it has many dimensions: 

  1. The curriculum  
  2.  The teaching ways and tools 
  3.  Students’ dedication to learning can be improved by counseling students and parents regarding quality education.
  4.  The urge to rank highest among others should be minimized (that was only perspective to implementing a new system, stating that it would stop the race for marks . But those who were striving hard for marks will now aim for CGPA ! )

The old grading system was used for students who had appeared for class 10th /12th in 2023.

 The new FBISE Grading system is not applicable for those absent from annual exams for 9th/11th 2022 and who are appearing now.

I wish you the best of luck with your upcoming exams 🙂

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